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Skin Care Insight is the place for Rodan and Fields Reviews. Rodan and Fields is a multi level marketing company that markets a number of skin care products. Search the internet for Rodan and Fields reviews and you will see that overall the brand has an average rating. This is a doctor developed skin care range that addresses specific skin concerns, including uneven skin tone, acne, aging skin, and and sensitive skin. These are the products marketed by Rodan and Fields:

Rodan and Fields Unblemish: The is the acne line. If you suffer from acne breakouts, you man benefit from Unblemish. Within the range there are several products all designed to target acne breakouts. Additional products can be used to compliment your regimen. Let me give you an example. Acne tends to leave superficial scaring behind. The Unlemish range has a product that will help with this. This will not help more serious acne scars like pits and grooves. I have read a few reviews from users who say this does not work.

Rodan and Fields Redefine: This range is for aging. If you are worried about lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness than you could benefit from Redefine. Many products in the range. The latest addition is Redefine Acute Care. This system is for wrinkles.

Rodan and Fields Reverse: This one is for uneven skin tone. If you are concerned with pigmentation issues, age spots, melasma from pregnancy or other types of blotchy skin. Reverse will help. These types of treatments are very slow to work but gradually improve the appearance of brown spots. Do not expect this system to help with more stubborn pigmentation.

Rodan and Fields Soothe: Soothe is for sensitive skin. It will help red and irritated skin.

When Rodan and Fields first came out you could buy their products from department stores. Now you need to go through a consultant. They have thousands of consultants across the US. Their consultants usually like to visit you at your home so they can talk about the individual products and see what works for you best. Some consultant have samples they can leave with you. I personally find the process of going through a consultant a little bit intimidating but that is me personally. I wish you could buy the products from stores like Sephore and Ulta. I like to try products on my face without somebody doing the hard sell.

The good news is that you can purchase Rodan and Fields products online through various websites including their own. Some consultants will let you buy products over the phone or you can deal with them by email. I know this will certainly help busy women. The last thing I  like to do in my free time is sit down with a consultant trying to sell me products. It would also be a good idea to sell the products through clinics. This way a skin care expert can actually give you their professional opinion. After all, Rodan and Fields is developed by two respected doctors.

Read Rodan and Fields reviews and customer rating further down the page.

Overall Rodan and Fields products are well developed. The packaging is minimill but nice and colorful. The products do not have a strong fragrance which I like because it does not irritate my eyes. Try to get some Rodan and Fields products before you invest in a new skin care regimen. The price point for Rodan and Fields products is quite high which is why I recommend trying samples beforehand. I believe they offer a money back guarantee but I am not certain as to whether that includes the cost of returning shipping.


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17 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Reviews

  1. Lizzy

    I give Rodan and Fields a big zero out of five. These guys are dodgy. I mean, they sell their products through a network of multi level markers who earn commission. Yes, some of them are genuine women trying to make an income. The problem isn’t with the Rodan + Fields agents. It is with the business. They need to be more upfront about the auto ship. They also need to stop the aggressive selling. Why do you need to sell so hard if your products are really as good as you say they are? come on!

    1. mary

      It’s by choice that people sell aggressively. Not all of adapt that style. One has the right to request someone more low-key. The auto-ship is every two months. It can be delayed just by going on-line or asking your person to change it for you. Within the next few months we are coming out with something new, it’s a big deal. If find the products work great and yes I am a consultant. We are the #2 skincare in the country :)
      Mary Hogan

  2. Sandra

    Rodan and Fields is a pyramid or multi level marketing scheme. They work very similar to Avon but the sales ladies are more aggressive. Sorry, their products are average. I tried the Rodan and Fields Redefine and didn’t see any results. I don’t usually write reviews but was a little bit disappointed with the friend that got me into this because I was automatically sent shipments again and again even though I didn’t ask for further product. These products are way overpriced for what it is work. You just need to take a look at the ingredient list to realize you are certainly not getting what you pay for. I would recommend walking into the drugstore and buying a generic brand that is fragrance free.

  3. Anonymous

    You wont find a quality product in a drugstore. I don’t see how you can compare Rodan and Fields to drugstore brands. Have you seen the average price of a drugstore product? It sounds like you have done both. Take both products and rub them on different hands. Then see which hand looks better. Also smell the product. It isn’t just the packaging that is better. I know that Rodan and Fields products are developed by dermatologists who really know what they are doing. It is insulting to make a comparison like that. What your saying isn’t even factual.

    1. Jenna

      Actually Sandra is correct. I have been a medically practicing esthetician for 15 years and the products are garbage. Although everyone’s skin is different and some will respond well to the limited ingredients used in the R & D line, just because it was developed by dermatologists’ doesn’t mean they are using quality. I would encourage people to be highly suspicious of any line sold by anyone without an education. If the products work so well, why are they not sold by licensed or at least highly trained professionals? Anyone can sell it and there are no long term trials on the products, nor can 98% of the sales people answer any clinical questions as to ingredients, formulation, etc.
      I do agree that drug store products are not the best options either but here is my take:

      Don’t splurge on a cleanser, but splurge on a Clarisonic. BEST investment you will make for your skin.
      Spend your money on a good Vitamin C product, a Rx retinol (like from your doctor) and a sunscreen.

      Oh and a final note, parabens are NOT bad. Without them, you have no idea the bacteria breeding in your products. Trust me, you wouldn’t put a paraben free product anywhere near your face if you knew what is growing in there! The parabens you should worry about are the one’s in pre-packaged foods. You ingest more parabens in one bite of sushi, than in a lifetime of using products containing parabens. They are different and the only true thing that keeps your products safe to use. DON’T BE FOOLED!

    2. Marie S

      Actually, drugstore brands of skincare have more research and development and clinical trails than any high-end line of skincare. I guarantee that skincare lines like Neutrogena have more PhD’s and doctors on their staff than R+F and any other premium lines. Just because they are less expensive doesn’t mean they are bad products. They often lead the way in research and leverage bulk purchasing to get lower pricepoints. I’ve tried R+F products, they are okay, but not any better than others than are half the price.

  4. redface

    I bought the rodan and fields sooth line to help with my Rosecea and it calmed and soothed my red skin completely…i never had ski. Issues in my life. I am 38 yrs old now and suddenly was diagnosed with this by my dermatologist…the medication they prescribed did not help and in fact made my skin worse…the Soothe line immediately helped my skin look and feel better.. currently i do not use prescribed meds by my derm. And am makeup free… i am an educated female who has been teaching for 10 yrs and have a masters degree…i never leave comments but quite frankly this line has worked wonders for me!

  5. Arlene

    I gave the Reverse products a very fair shot — five months. I included the Reserve serum and eye care – along with the regular products. My wrinkles deepened and my skin never looked so aged. I cancelled my renewals and went back to Sheseido. Within days of going back to Sheseido, my skin looked so much better.

  6. Sara l

    I have just started using rodan & fields recently and really like it. My consultant isn’t pushy, is very up front about the auto shipments. You can reschedule them or cancel any time. she sent a text message a week before the shipment and I repliced back that I didn’t need it yet and she said fine and will contact me again in a month to check in. Totally not difficult or pushy.

    As for results, I guess I wasn’t expecting a miracle. I don’t really believe that any product like this can really erase wrinkles. But I like the way my skin feels after using the products and that is what counts for me. It feels like I just came out of a facial at the spa every time I wash my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and most cleansers make my skin itchy and blotchy and dry. These products make my skin feel smooth and soft and the moisturizer is so creamy. It feels so luxurious compared to other high end products I’ve used (la Roche Posay and Murad). This is definitely a splurge price-wise but so far I don’t regret it and would recommend it for anyone wanting a change.

  7. Lauren C

    The only reason I started selling Rodan and Fields is because I tried and love the products. The Redefine and the Reverse are my two favorite lines, and everyone loves their eye cream! It’s great because as a consultant it’s literally a website you can tell people who are interested to visit, they buy directly off the website, and r & f ships the products out so no interaction with the consultant is necessary (unless of course your want there to be). They do money back guaranteed within 60 days so if you aren’t happy with the products. I have yet to meet anyone who have shipped them back because they didn’t like products. I do agree the prices are a little on the high side, but I believe you get what you pay for in skin care and if you sign up as a preferred customer you get free shipping and 10% off. If you are interested in trying out the products here is my website:

  8. Rebecca P.

    I started selling Rodan + Fields six months ago after using and falling in love with the products. I read in the comments about people being unhappy with the Preferred Customer auto-ship feature and need to clarify a few things; you should NEVER receive an auto shipment without your consultant checking in with you first and prior to signing on as a PC the consultant should have fully explained the auto-ship feature. I reach out to all my PC’s several weeks before they’re due for auto-shipment to confirm they are ready for more product. If they aren’t ready I delay shipment by one or two months (they choose how long to delay) and then I check in with them again when that auto-ship date comes around. If they still don’t want anything I delay again. You can delay indefinitely. If your consultant is not doing this, you should contact Rodan & Fields corporate to make a complaint. You can also request your PC account be closed. I stand behind our products because I myself have experienced positive results and I have witnessed the same with my PC’s. You need to understand that results are not going to be instantaneous. It will typically take 60 days to begin seeing results. Some may see them earlier, but major improvements will take even longer. Many customers who have experienced remarkable results have used the products for several months. A regimen isn’t going to work overnight, just like the majority of the damage to our skin doesn’t happen overnight. Try the products and if you aren’t satisfied, you have 60 days to return them for a full refund, no questions asked. What other skincare company offers this option?

    I love sharing R+F with others. If you are curious and would like to learn more, please feel free to visit my webpage at

  9. Anon

    I have been do research on this product because I was very interested and excited about purchasing it. But, after reading the reviews, it seems there are a lot of negative responses. I am very hesitant to start using it, but would like to give it a trial run for at least 60 days. My question to you folks that have used the product…..can you cancel your auto-ship without any issue?

  10. Lisa

    At the end of the day, there is not a skin care line out there that will work for everyone. While I completely respect those that work professionally in dermatology, they too have a vested interest in the lines that they recommend.
    Do your research. If you think that R+F might work for your skin concerns, then try it. Buying from a consultant is no different than buying from a lady behind a counter at the department store, with one exception. R+F offers a 60 day money back guarantee, other lines don’t.
    I am a consultant and have worked for other prestige lines. They are make miracle claims, this is nothing new and part of the industry. The products work wonderfully for me and many people I know. The business opportunity has changed my life. If you are interested in any information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

  11. Jessica

    I started using the Redefine products about a year ago; added the amp roller. I am not a consultant. I am not paid to write this. I am a 67 year old woman who has been using OTC products and getting various types of skin treatments for the past 8 years. Nothing (except surgery) has ever worked as well as these products. I had the baggy skin under my chin fixed in 2008; by 2015 it was back. Now, after using R&F, it is gone again, without surgery, without skin irritation, without any side effects. The sagging skin above my eyes has retreated after using the eye cream. The marionette lines (which were also filled in 2008 but then returned) are much improved. I have had some problems with customer service (not the rep, the company), but all was resolved to my satisfaction. All I know is that these products have performed better than I hoped. It’s amazing, really.


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