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 Nerium is an international skin care company that manufactures and markets several different anti-aging products, and if you’ve been considering using any of them, you might be on the lookout for Nerium reviews in order to help you make a more informed skin care purchase. Using these reviews can be helpful in a number of ways. Nerium manufacturers two products: Nerium Ad Age Defying Night And Day Cream Complete. Both items can be purchased in a kit. Nerium also intro ducted Nerium Firm Body Contouring Cream.

We give Nerium a one out of ten. Why? Putting aside all the hype, Nerium was designed as an MLM product. There is nothing new about the ingredients or formulations. In fact, there isn’t a single ingredient that is going to offer you long term anti aging results. If you are looking for a very basic beauty product then you could consider Nerium. But, then why don’t you just buy a $2 moisturizer from the drugstore?

However, in order for Nerium reviews to be an effective resource, you must understand how to read them objectively in order to draw out information that will be vital to your purchase. Failing to do so might result in you buying a product that is not beneficial for your skin or that might even harm it. In order to read Nerium reviews effectively, there are several steps you should take before you decide if any of the company’s products are right for you.

Compile a List of Professional Reviews

While there are a lot of Nerium reviews out there, you may want to focus on those that have been written by skin care professionals and dermatologists first. These reviews are most likely the most objective and trustworthy because they are being written by people who have years of experience in skin care or in treating the signs of aging.

You can find professional Nerium reviews on dermatologists’ blogs, on sites that compare, contrast, and review cosmetics and skin care products, and on sites that are run by certified skin care specialists. In order for you to trust the individuals who are writing these Nerium reviews, you should take the time to ensure that they have created these blogs and sites purely in order to help those make an informed decision about their skin care needs and not because they are being paid to promote any Nerium products.

Drawing Out Important Information from Nerium Reviews

While you might think you don’t have time to read dozens of skin care articles that include Nerium reviews, the truth is that you don’t have to read all of them in their entirety. The most important thing to do when reading a Nerium review is to scan them for relevant information.

For example, does the article let you know right away if they would recommend any of the company’s products, or do they list a number of pros and cons in their Nerium reviews before giving you their final opinion on it? Do they give you a list of two or three main ingredients in one of the formulas and talk about what each one does? Does the Nerium review tell you anything you didn’t previously know about the company’s anti-aging products? Is there a list of side effects?

This all important information that you should note in each Nerium review so that you can compare each one side by side in order to gauge whether they all agree or differ when it comes to the information you’ve collected.

Reading Consumer Nerium Reviews

While it’s important to gather information from skin care professionals when researching Nerium reviews, it’s also just as important to know what consumers like yourself have said about the products. User reviews can be found almost anywhere, but be leery of ones that are posted on the company’s main website, as these Nerium reviews may have been hand-picked by the site manager to make the product look more positive.

Instead, look offsite for consumer Nerium reviews and compare the first five or ten that you find. What do they say about the product’s effectiveness? Are the ratings all similar, or are there varying opinions about the products? If the ratings vary widely, read a few more to get a bigger sampling. Consumer Nerium reviews can be quite helpful when it comes to making a choice about whether you should include their creams and age-defying treatments. 

Nerium is a new skin care line developed using Nerium Oleander. Those of you who have not heard about nerium oleander, this is a highly box plant. Do not fear, this ingredient goes through a laboratory to make it safe to use before you apply it to your face. Nerium AD is an anti aging cream that can be applied topically to the face and neck. This was the very first product introduced by Nerium.

Recently, Nerium introduced a Body Contouring Cream. There is very little information about this product. Looking at the ingredients it looks more like a moisturizer than a treatment. However, I felt the same way when I reviewed Strivectin.  There arent many Nerium reviews about the body contouring cream. There are many Nerium Reviews about the Nerium AD Day Cream. Another new addition is the new Nerium AD Night Cream. This product is more hydrating and thicker than the day cream.

Nerium is for sale through sales agents. The model is very similar to MLM companies like Avon. Many of the agents are savvy and use the internet to sell Nerium products. The Nerium business model allows agents to earn commissions from people who sign up

Nerium us an auto delivery program. So you will receive more product every month. Expect a new shipment in the mail automatically unless you cancel. For consumers to do not pay attention to the fine print, you will receive a large number of bottles and be charges for these automatically. The NeriumAD Age Defying Day Treatment costs $80 on the program. Ad the Nerium AD Night Cream and the combo pack costs $120. Ultimate Combo pack is $150. I think this includes the Body Contouring Cream as well. But I cant be sure because it isn’t clear.

A 30 day money back guarantee is available. Not sure if this includes shipping or not. Most of the Nerium reviews seems to be unaware about the continuity program and disgruntled because of this. Clients who prefer not to be on this automatic replenishment program should consider paying the full price for the product which is only only slightly more.

NeriumAd should not be used close to the eye. Since it contains nerium oleander, it should obviously not be digested. We recommend anybody who is considering purchasing this product to read a Wikipedia article available online about Nerium oleander. Since it is a toxic plant, it is important to understand the risks, side effects and also the consequences for using such a product for such a prolonged period.

I has been a pleasure to bring you this NeriumAD Cream. It is a new product but many people have been asking me what I think about Nerium. I am yet to use the product but will bring you my Nerium review once I have had a change to see if the product works. This might be a few months because you just cant expect products like this to work overnight. You need to be patient.

If you have any questions about NeriumAD please feel free to send me an email. I might not be able to get back to you straight away but will aim to get back to you in a reasonable timeframe.

Have you used NeriumAd? What did you think? Did it work?

Update: I have noticed that you can purchase NeriumAD Age Defying Day Cream on various online retailers. Some of these sites also have reviews of the product.

Make sure you look at other websites to read further Nerium reviews. This brand is growing very quickly but it is still a multi level marketing firm. These types of business grow very quickly when done properly. Take a look at Avon for example. This doesn’t necessary mean that the product is amazing or the next anti aging miracle. As far as I am concerned, I do not see this as a revolutionary product so I am not entirely sure what all the fuss regarding Nerium is about. Unless you are joining Nerium as a business opportunity. Even then, if you want to retain your clients you need to make sure they are going to get results. Also take a look at another MLM company called Rodan and Fields. This one has more of a clinical skin care emphasis.


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4 thoughts on “Nerium Reviews

  1. Caitlin

    One hundred percent agree with this review. I am not sure what all the hype is about. Read the review of Nerium. Is anybody but the consultants who are making a fortune selling the product happy? The main ingredient after water is Aloe Barbadensis Lea. Are there any studies that prove the Nerium Oleander Leaf Extract actually does anything or is it just a good story to sell products? I personally don’t like multi level marketing sales and prefer buying things online. I know you can buy Nerium products on Amazon and Ebay for half the price. I wonder if these are products from the consultants who decided not to continue due to the business practices.

  2. Page

    Has anybody bothered to research the ingredients inside Nerium? Both NeriumAD Day Cream and NeriumAD Night Cream don’t appear to have any interesting ingredients for either acne or anti aging. I can see water, aloe and glycerin as the first ingredients. Even when you go further down there really isn’t anything in the product that is going to help tighten my double chin or dropping jowls. Nerium is great at marking but not go good at making good skin care products. I think Nerium should hire a good cosmetic formulator and give them a proper budget to develop a product that is actually going to work. This just isn’t good enough. I really don’t know what all the hype is about. Just read the Nerium reviews online and you can see it for yourself.

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