Mary Kay Reviews

Mary Kay carries a large variety of skin care and beauty products while allowing its customers to become sales representatives; however, according to several Mark Kay reviews, there are pros and cons to this system. The company, which was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, sells its products exclusively through company representatives who call themselves “beauty consultants,” and also through their website. If you have ever considered using these products or becoming an independent consultant, reading Mary Kay reviews is a viable method of seeing what others have had to say about the company and its products. Not only will reading reviews help you make a more informed purchasing decision, this information may also give you deeper insight on which ingredients the company uses in their products, product selection, and how effective the products have been for their users overall.

Mary Kay Reviews: Product Line

While many Mary Kay reviews suggest that there is a wide variety of products and kits to choose from for both skin care and cosmetic use, there are some that claim that the lineup is missing several key items, such as exfoliants and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) products. Since AHAs are valuable for treating acne and wrinkles alike, some reviewers feel that this leaves a gap in the product line that users will have to fill with products from other companies. This is something that’s not especially convenient if you want to build a skin care kit with products entirely from the Mary Kay line.

However, some consumers claim that a lack of AHA products is only problematic for those who are specifically looking for AHA acne treatments. And because the company does sell acne products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, the point of not having AHA products is moot.

Mary Kay Reviews: Ingredients

Several individuals who left Mary Kay reviews online noted that the beauty consultants they met with at their homes or at Mary Kay parties didn’t seem to be knowledgeable about any of the products’ ingredients. This may prove to be problematic for those who have sensitive skin and need to know exactly what is contained in the skin care products they use.

For example, on the company website, it is noted that the TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 contains ingredients that moisturize and protect the skin from sun damage, but only a few vague details about the rest of the product’s ingredients. “Key” ingredients, such as peptides, are listed, but this does not give users much of a clue about what else might be contained in the product, and those who are vulnerable to allergic reactions from fragrance ingredients or preservatives are left wondering how it’s going to affect their skin.

A few Mary Kay reviews claim that this lack of information about ingredients caused consumers to experience a wide range of side effects, from rashes to an increase of lines and wrinkles around and under the eyes.

Mary Kay Reviews: Product Availability

Some Mary Kay reviews suggest that once the customer contacted a company representative in order to buy products, they often felt pressured by that rep to buy more than they need. However, since anyone can buy the company’s products directly from its website, consulting a local beauty representative isn’t always necessary.

A few Mary Kay reviews noted that being able to buy the product line in stores would be convenient for shopping locally, but currently, Mary Kay does not offer any of its products at retail outlets because of its business model of allowing individuals to sell the products in order to go into business for themselves.



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