Collagen Cream

Does Collagen Cream Work?

If you’re building a skin care kit that contains products to treat the signs of aging, then you may have considered the purchase of a collagen cream. These creams are formulated to replace lost collagen in the skin, the protein that keeps skin firm and elastic. However, before looking for the best collagen cream, it’s important to make an effort to understand how it works, what it can do for your skin, and whether it can truly erase fine lines and wrinkles to make your skin look and feel younger. From reading reviews about different collagen products to asking your skin care professional for a recommendation, there are many ways to find one that is a good fit for your skin. Taking the time to learn about collagen cream before you make a purchase will help you save time and money later on down the road, which is necessary if you have a small skin care budget.

What is Collagen Cream?

Most collagen creams contain either synthetic collagen or that which is derived from animals, such as cows or pigs. Some newer products contain fish collagen, but this is more commonly found in supplements than in collagen creams. If you are searching for a collagen cream that doesn’t contain any animal products, there are also products available that contain plant collagen.

Most creams contain other ingredients that have been proven beneficial to the skin, such as moisturizing elements like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E. It is important to read the ingredient list of any collagen cream that you purchase, as some may contain very little collagen and potentially skin irritants, such as synthetic perfumes and dyes. Now that you know a little bit more about collagen cream, the next step is to learn what it can do for your skin.

Does Collagen Cream Work?

Many skin care companies that claim to sell the best collagen cream advertise it as a skin firming and smoothing agent that can plump up the skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. In truth, while collagen cream’s ingredients might improve the texture of the surface of the skin and temporarily fill in these wrinkles, collagen molecules are not small enough to penetrate the skin and therefore remain on the surface, no matter what type of collagen the cream contains.

While some companies claim that microcollagen is more effective at penetrating the skin’s upper layers, it still cannot bond with the collagen that already exists in your skin. As a result, any collagen cream that you apply to your face will most likely be washed away the next time you wash your face. While this is unfortunate news for those who always believed that collagen could be added to the skin, a collagen cream can still be beneficial to the skin, depending on its ingredients.

Collagen Cream May Be a Temporary Fix for Wrinkles

Even though collagen molecules in a collagen cream cannot penetrate the skin, those that have a creamy, thick texture may temporarily smooth fine lines and fill in deeper wrinkles to make them look less noticeable. While this is a short-term fix, a cream like this may be a viable addition to your skin care kit if you need a product that you can add to the skin if you need a quick fix. In the meantime, if you want to fight fine lines and wrinkles in the long term, consider adding a retinol serum to your skin care kit or ask your dermatologist what types of products are a good match for your skin type and tone that will be more effective than collagen cream.

Collagen Cream vs. Collagen Supplements: Which is More Effective?       

There is a lot of talk about collagen products in skin care circles and in beauty magazines, including collagen cream and collagen supplements. Both are marketed as anti-aging products, but you may wonder how well they truly work. While some skin care experts believe that even the best collagen cream has no sustainable benefits for the skin, others say it depends on the kind of collagen the cream contains. Yet others believe that only collagen supplements have any skin health benefits. This makes things confusing for the average consumer who wants to build a skin care kit and add a collagen product. Because both products may have their benefits, the most effective way to decide which one is best for you is to weigh collagen cream with collagen supplements in terms of ease of use, the side effects they may cause, and what type of skin care goals you’re trying to achieve.

Collagen Cream: Overview

Collagen cream usually contains a number of ingredients that smooth and condition the skin, including moisturizers and emollients. Most collagen cream products contain plant or animal collagen, and may be listed as hydrolyzed or microcollagen. The best collagen cream brands usually cause very few side effects; however, if you have any skin allergies, you should check with your dermatologist and discuss the ingredients of any product you choose.

Most collagen cream products are formulated to rebuild collagen in the skin or to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. However, before you add a collagen cream to your skin care kit, you should understand that collagen cannot penetrate deep into the surface of the skin, nor can it bond with the natural collagen that’s already in your skin. Therefore, collagen cream is only a short-term solution for reducing surface wrinkles, although it may also moisturize as well, depending on its ingredients.

Collagen Supplements: Overview

While some oral collagen supplements are designed to improve joint and bone health to improve your range of motion, many people take these supplements to smooth their skin from the inside out. Collagen supplements often contain fish or plant collagen, and recent studies show that some of these supplements have proven to increase collagen levels in the body.

While you may think this means that supplements are more effective than collagen cream, you must consider that the studies being performed have yielded limited results and that taking a collagen supplement does not guarantee smooth, firm skin.

Collagen Cream vs Collagen Supplements: What’s the Verdict?

It may seem difficult to know whether collagen cream is more effective than collagen supplements when it comes to smoothing out the skin and fighting wrinkles, and the answer lies in your own individual skin. For example, if you have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate certain ingredients that are often contained in collagen cream, then you may want to consider supplements instead. However, if you want a product to use daily as a short-term answer to filling in fine lines around your eyes and mouth, you should consider using collagen cream.

To truly weigh how well both products work, you may want to try one for a few months and then the other to see which ones give you better results. Keep in mind that if you have a history of medical problems or are under the care of a doctor, you should let him or her know about your intention to add collagen supplements to your diet before you begin your comparison of the two products and carefully read the ingredients of any collagen cream you choose to lower the risk of side effects.



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  1. Amanda

    I personally recommend taking both oral supplants and using a collagen cream at night. I only use it at night because it is thicker and doesn’t work very well with my spf. I take NEOCELL Collagen Plus. I was taking marine collagen before but that was a generic product and I feel that NEOCELL is more reliable. I have been following this routine every day for the last four years. I would say that I have not aged noticeably in the last few years and I will say that is due to this routine. You cant just treat the skin from the outside. You will see much better results when you do both.

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