Algenist Reviews

Algenist: Products, Pricing, and Ingredient Information

Algenist carries a complete skin care line that includes products for treating fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, large pores, and the signs of advanced aging. The company was founded in 2011, in San Francisco, and currently carries a wide variety of skin care products that includes cleansers, toners, UV protection, serums, eye treatments, moisturizers, and a variety of gift sets. Algenist may be a viable skin care choice for those who want a wide variety of products to choose from under one brand name, as the company does offer many different skin care solutions. Products from this skin care brand can be purchased directly from the company website or at other online skin care retailers, but cannot be found in stores. If you have never used Algenist products before, knowing a little bit about the product line, ingredients, and pricing before you shop will help you make a better purchasing decision.

Algenist Product Line Overview

The Algenist product line may benefit those who are trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or trying to improve the texture and look of their skin overall. The anti-aging line includes products such as brightening serum with vitamin C, which contains a number of antioxidants to fight sun damage and dark spots.

There is also a collection for those who have sensitive skin that includes cleanser, moisturizer, and a few serums that are formulated to fight the signs of aging. This collection may be especially helpful for those who have experienced allergic reactions or unexpected side effects with other skin care products.

For those who never used these products before, there are a number of Algenist reviews available for each item that may help them decide whether these skin care products and their ingredients are a good match for their skin type.

Algenist Ingredients

The main active ingredient in many of the company’s products is alguronic acid, which is a compound derived from microalgae and has been patented by the company. According to the manufacturer, this microalgae has a number of anti-aging benefits. However, it is important to note that Algenist has not published any scientific study findings that back up this claim.

Algae is not an uncommon ingredient in skin care products, and although it can have antioxidant and cleansing benefits for the skin, alguronic acid has yet to stand out from the crowd when it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Some Algenist reviews claim that a few other ingredients in a few of the products are problematic, such as eucalyptus oil. While this oil has been proven effective in drying excess oil on the surface of the skin, which may help with the treatment of acne, it may have negative effects on those who already have dry or mature skin. It is best to perform a skin patch test on any of the company’s products that contain this oil in order to avoid suffering any irritation or side effects that may result from extremely dry skin.

Algenist Price Information

The prices for the company’s products range from about $25.00 for their cleansing products, to about $290 for their anti-wrinkle and skin brightening kits. This makes creating a skin care kit from Algenist’s products quite expensive, especially if you have a limited skin care budget. However, since the products are also available from other skin care retailers, it is possible that you might find them elsewhere or on sites that offer frequent shopper coupons and other discounts. If you are concerned about buying Algenist products on other sites because you are concerned about their authenticity, you may want to consider purchasing them from an authorized dealer only.

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